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Mouhcine Rahaoui

Coulee des nuits souterrains2022

Edition: 1 | 1

- Text by Hicham Daoudi at Comptoir Des Mines
- Translation by chatGPT

There probably exists an apparent artistic lineage between Mouhcine Rahaoui and the late Jilali Gharbaoui – the father of Moroccan abstraction – around their initial respective commitments to what they call "their homeland", as well as in the radical manner in which they design their abstract works with a deep, intense, and vibrant black chromatic script.

His Earth is above all a collection of memories, consisting of familiar faces, social practices, work uniforms, and toil. Like many others in Jerada, he feels like a stranger in his own home since the slow decline of the complex. Today, he assumes the role of the storyteller to unveil a reality he has felt in his flesh, speaking "on behalf of his own" in tribute to all the anonymous people who had the mine as their only landmark, and around which life and death still revolve in Jerada.

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