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Leila Alaoui

Les Marocains: Souk de Tounfite, Moyen-Atlas2011

Edition: 1 | 3

Inspired by Robert Frank's The Americans, and Richard Avedon's In the American West, I embarked on a road trip across the country to photograph men, women and children of all ages, from diverse ethnic and tribal groups, Arabs and Berbers, in various urban and rural regions of Morocco. I encountered many difficulties shooting portraits in a land where people have superstitious apprehensions towards the camera, and often see photography as a tool that steals the soul of people.

Since many Moroccans have rarely been photographed in this manner, no direction was needed as they naturally strike the same straightforward pose, looking intensely into the camera. Intimidated by the burst of the flash, they automatically step out of the studio after the first click, leaving me only with a one shot opportunity.

- Leila Alaoui

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  • OWNER: On loan from Fondation Leila Alaoui